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Welcome to the page of Spiner Security System, the only manufacturer of RF Anti-Theft Gates in Iran and the Middle East.


What are Store Anti-Theft gates or EAS?

EAS is the abbreviation of Electronic Article Surveillance. The word “Gate” literally means the place of entrance and exit. Since this device is installed at the store exit, it has been named as “Gate” and with the aid of its accessories; this device protects the stores’ merchandise against professional and amateur thieves.


Do store Anti-Theft Gates have different models with different technologies?

Store Anti-Theft gates have three general models, which are as the following:

1. RF (Radio Frequency) Model:

In this model the device operates in a working frequency range of 2-10 MHz and its electronic boards are able to operate in different RF antennas.

2. AM (Acousto Magnetic) Model:

In this model the device works with standard frequencies of 58 and 66 KHz, but its board or electronic panel is built specifically for its own antenna.

3. EM (Electro Magnetic) Model:

Which Store Anti-Theft Gate model is the most common in the world and in Iran? Why?

It can be said that about 90% of the stores in the world use the RF model of store anti-theft systems that works with a standard frequency of 8.2MHz and installation companies that install these systems, consider this device as their top installation case.

The use of the RF model has become popular for different reasons, which below we will briefly discuss them:

1. The electronic board of this model performs at its best in different antennas and this has to a wide variety of different RF antennas and has been able to meet different interests and also installation companies only need to import its electronic board that is very small and does not weight that much, which this matter reduces transportation costs, encouraging more installations of this model.

2. The price of this model is much lower than other technologies in this field.

3. The tags used for this model have a very large variety and cover all different merchandise and goods in the market at a much more reasonable price.

4. The confidence level for this model is technically a higher index and has a high-level technology.

What are the parameters determining the price for a merchandise alarm system for a store?

The determinant parameters for this matter include two general parts:

1. Environmental Parameters:

a) The size of the entrance door, which determines the number antennas required; for example: under 1 meter requires one antenna and a MONO electronic board, and above 1 meter to 1.5 meters requires 2 antennas and a DUAL electronic board.

b) Environmental Noise Conditions:

The cleaner the store’s environment is as far as environmental noise; the more the device is able to operate better with less additional equipment and with a lower cost.  

2. Store Type:

The store type is effective in the number and type of required tags and this matter leads to a change in the final price.

What are the different names the store Anti-Theft systems are known as?

The following names are the ones commonly used:

Store Gate

Clothing Alarm

Anti-theft Gate

Shoes Alarm

Merchandise Alarm

In what type of stores are Anti-Theft gates used?

Clothing stores including, women’s cloths, men’s cloths, children’s cloths, sports clothing use golf, shell, UFO tags, and etc; shoes and handbags shops use a lanyard along with the above-mentioned tags; book and stationary supplies stores use small labels along with their deactivator; plastic-goods stores use a combination of labels and hard tags along with lanyard; supermarkets use labels and hard tags along with lanyard; leather stores use labels; jewelry stores use labels or hard tags; eyeglasses stores use hard tags; sports Goods stores use labels and hard tags along with lanyard; doll stores use labels and hard tags along with lanyard; newborns Stores, hotels, home appliance stores, and other merchandise.


Manufacturer of RF Anti-theft gates, accepting sales agents, providing them with installation and after-sales services training from all across Iran
Consultation and execution of Electronic Article Surveillance Systems in the different models of RF, EM and AM for clothing, shoes and handbags stores and etc.
Importer, consultant and executor of monitoring, security and safety systems and closed circuit cameras for industrial factories, chain stores and other commercial places.


Accepting agencies all across Iran by sending this online agency request form and after administrative formalities; ability to access agencies’ services on this website
Access to files and guidance catalogs; also holding training courses for company’s sales agents in order to promote quality of products’ installation and after-sales services
Offering manufacturer’s warranty and 36-month unconditional guarantee for all manufactured products and the ability for all sales agents to register guarantee online through this website


This company is the only manufacturer of RF Anti-Theft gates in Iran and the Middle East. Store managers can visit the products page to receive the necessary information regarding the different manufactured models and if interested they may contact the company’s sales department or one of our sales agents in their area. All
products hold a valid manufacturer’s warranty and all customers will benefit from the products’ after-sales services.

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